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22 July 2007 @ 11:24 am
First off, I leave the internet for a couple of days, and those Hanson jerk-offs post tour dates, one of which is in Ohio, and NONE of which are in Florida. I hate them so hard right now.

Lucky for them.... I LOVED HP&DH SO EFFING MUCH

And am on an HP high and therefore prevented from doing something drastic. Wow. I mean, wow. DH? Is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Best one yet. Well, ever I suppose. I even loved the SPOILER-IFICCollapse )

Ugh. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I can't wait to read it again.
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Comment to be added :)

(PS- I know it's nothing wonderful, but I did this myself!)
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30 July 2006 @ 11:15 pm
To see pictures of Audie, Chels, and I meeting the classic Disney characters at Epcot.... go here!


ETACancel that. Have to figure out stupid photopass...
24 July 2006 @ 05:43 pm
FYI, I have the best most thoughtful girlfriend ever. If you didn't know, the front door of our apartment, located conveniently next to my bed squeaks terribly. Or it used to. Until my girl Dizzle sprayed the hinges with cooking spray. I have since devoted my life to her.
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23 July 2006 @ 02:02 am
So, I've come to the realization that I have no clue what I want to do w/ my life. I don't know what I want for a career. I know I want to use my Spanish, but that's pretty much it. I've taken those career test things, and Music Therapy always comes up, and guidence counselor type jobs come up, especially for international students, but I've gone the Music Therapy route, and it's really just not for me, and I don't feel like guidence counselor/student advisor jobs are either *sigh*

I'm on this Disney College Program, and I would LOVE to continue working for Disney, but I can't be a Vacation Planner all my life, I have to move up. I think my job is great and all, but it's nothing I want to do for years and years. So, I've been looking at the Disney Professional Internship program... which is much more like a 'real' internship, in that you actually do things related to your major. Thing is, they want you to be a communications, business, marketing, or related major to have pretty much any of the jobs. I am not a business related major. Not at all. I'm just Spanish. But I've already changed my major once, and I'm going into my 3rd year of school. I need, like, 6 more Spanish classes to finish my Spanish major, plus a study abroad/internship (let's not get into THAT drama again *sighIhateOUsigh*), and two classes from completing my music minor, and maybe one or two gen eds and I'm done.

Switching to a business major would be really, really rough because I don't have any business related classes, and I don't really know anything about communications, marketing, etc... I don't know if it's something I really want to do just to get an internship w/ Disney, I mean, I don't know if I'd be any good at it, or if I'd even like it.

I'm basically clueless. I think that's part of why I'm dreading starting school, I'm not really dreading going home, but I don't want to go back to school b/c that means I need to make some decisions, and I need to make the STAT.

I think I'd like to get into international recruiting for Disney, it would allow me to use my Spanish skills, probably travel, and work for Disney, and I wouldn't necesarily have to be an on-site cast member (b/c this FL heat is KILLING me). But they want you to be a human resources type of major for the internship, which means for the real job they'll want you to have that kind of experience, and I don't even really know what human resources IS.

I also have this sort of fantasy where I somehow get credit for my spanish internship, learn french, and work at Disneyland Paris b/c then I'd be tri-lingual. How can I go wrong in Europe if I know Spanish, French and English?

And now I'm thinking I should just forget Disney, finish my Spanish major/music minor, go to Flight Attendant school and be a flight attendant for awhile. What kind of money do flight attendants make? I could use my Spanish and travel in that job for sure. Again, it's probably not something I'll want to do for a lifetime, considering at some point I want to be married and have kids, and I'm not sure that being out of the house half the week is really conducive to that kind of lifestyle, but it would be fun for sure.

Oh my goodness. Why is this so stressful?

I need to go to bed, but hopefully writing this out will help me clear my head and I won't be up all night thinking about it.
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21 July 2006 @ 03:30 pm
Courtney is NOT updating her livejournal.... it can't be!

But, it can.

That's right flisty, you're not hallucinating. Obviously you all missed me very much, and are therefore ecstatic to be reading about my FAB-O life, hehe, right? (Right!) [Good answer :P].

ANyway, such a lot has happened that I simply don't think I can communicate all of it right now.

I've basically been working more hours by picking up extra shifts, PAC! and Fantasyland Area Relief!, and spending a lot of time with friends. Nick was here w/ his fam, and that was fun, and then Chels and Audie were here for four days, and that was totally fab! We had the best (although most exhausting) time!

Also.... sad news :(. Candee left the program to go home and 'enjoy being engaged' or whatever ;). She thinks her fiance is more important than apt 3303, but whatev. So I've pretty much been living it up in the parks while I still can b/c a month from now I'll be back in Ohio.

Which, I'm excited about b/c I miss my Melly, and I can't wait to hang out w/ Kelly, and of course Chels and Audie are in Ohio (albeit different parts of Ohio)... but I don't want to go home yet. What am I going to do with myself? I spend all my free time in Disney World, I mean honestly how can I ever have fun again?

Okay, so that's a bit dramatic, but I'm going to miss seeing Mickey :(.

I do have a lot of stuff on my plate for when I go home, a new job (ARA) with a new RD (New to me and OU), and The Lamest Schedule Ever, plus trying to fight for Spanish credit for this internship. PLUS I'm on cabinet for KO, which is so exciting, but is going to be work. I'll be too busy to miss Disney, I gues that's a good thing.

Oh, did I tell you all I got the campus rep position I applied for? It basically means I get to continue w/ the company, and tell people about the Disney College Program, which will also be work, but Disney will make it worth my while :D. Yay!

What else? Oh, I saw Superman, Devil Wears Prada, and of course Pirates (twice), reviews are forthcoming.

I guess that's pretty much it for now, I'm still SOOO tired from all of the craziness of my life right now, so I'm going to go to bed! Much love to you all :)
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30 June 2006 @ 11:26 pm

I died in the Dungeon of Nortney

I was killed in a cobwebbed laboratory by the wrath of Little Hermy, whilst carrying...

the Sword of Ladybrannon, a Figurine of Bonita Nico and 0 gold pieces.

Score: 25

Explore the Dungeon of Nortney and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Damn. I suck.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Alinora!

I killed Seviet the floating eye, Ladybrannon the nymph, Secret Keeper the floating eye and Sorcerer Marak the leprechaun.

I looted the Sword of Carly Drove, a Figurine of Kat6528, the Dagger of Travel, a Figurine of Artemis1860, the Amulet of Ya Books and 67 gold pieces.

Score: 192

Explore the Dungeon of Alinora and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Why yes, I am made of awesome!

I died in the Dungeon of Erinspider

I was killed in a cold laboratory by Cowonapogostick the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Crown of Agatha69, the Amulet of Lynn Thomas, the Axe of Mugglets, a Figurine of Alinora, the Axe of Palm Trees, the Dagger of Pynkmunkygyrl and 22 gold pieces.

Score: 86

Explore the Dungeon of Erinspider and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Amy is a wench.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Eloisem!

I killed Chika216 the rat, Yourgypsy the zombie, Serenica69 the goblin, Baisemoibien the troll, Lucy Lupin the arch-demon, Acharmedhour the floating eye, Myvoicewithin the zombie, Little Hermy the rat, Sarahmarie054 the rat, Tokiyo Sheek the leprechaun, Eloisem the goblin, Erinspider the cockatrice, Nortney the mind flayer, Dumbledora the mind flayer, Snapeismine the gelatinous cube, Kal El 11 the kobold, Toriaroo the cockatrice, Greeneyednobody the dragon, Myemmie the rat, Lynn Thomas the zombie, Mystixdm the zombie, Kimmie 74 the giant spider and Cinn the troll.

I looted the Armour of Swansong19, the Wand of Ravenclaw, the Dagger of the Time Warp, the Crown of Flyingspatulas, the Armour of Beth Black, the Axe of Snuffles Black, the Sword of Gedwayignasia, the Dagger of Siriusdenial811, the Amulet of Chapstick, the Shield of Music, the Wand of Alcalder, the Crown of Deedeepwnsall, a Figurine of Gh Pyrus, the Crown of Blackunicorn Gh, the Wand of Bambbles, the Axe of Dreame Waever, the Sword of Sage44 08 and 395 gold pieces.

Score: 695

Explore the Dungeon of Eloisem and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Okay, I just killed myself. Time to stop.
30 June 2006 @ 10:01 am
Hey folks.

Here I am in the Magic Kingdom Disney Learning Center. I'm working my first ever Extra Hours shift, and it doesn't start for another half hour. Well, I can clock-in in 15 minutes, and I'll probably go then since I have no idea what I'm doing. I know it involves strollers, and I know it's in Fantasyland, and that it's 4 hours, and that's about it. I'm excited though b/c I get to wear a new costume, and that always fun. I'm going to take a picture of me in my regular costume, and this one, and eventually I'll post pictures of me in all of the costumes I've worn. Woot. Next week I'm planning on working a Vacation Planning shift at the Animal Kingdom, but we'll see. That would eliminate my day off, but it would be overtime hours and that would be awesome. Nick will be here in two weeks, and Autumn and Chels a couple days after that, so that means I need to have $$$, which means I need to work. It's sad but true.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the Animal Kingdom, I finally did Dinosaur (SO SCARY) and Kali River Rapids (SO WET!), and also Primeval Whirl, for the first time ever, so that was fun... and I also finally saw the Magic Kingdom 3pm parade.... but the MOST exciting thing I did yesterday was meet up with Rav! yay! I have a picture, and will post it later. Exhaustion cut our day a little short, but hopefully before she leaves I'll get to see her again, hehehe.

What else?? Uhm, idk. Becky and I ate at Bennigan's last night, and it was delish, as usual... I'm addicted to the White Chocolate Chill-Out. So yummy. If you like white choccy (which I realize not all of you do) you need to eat this dessert stat, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Uhm... that's it. I'll probably update again later, and play the dungeon game, heheh
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28 June 2006 @ 07:39 am
I hate to jinx it... but my phone seems to have stabelized for the time being... so yay for that! It seriously only has to last until Aug. 1st and then I get a new one... so please phone just behave yourself!

PS- Racheal dear this means I'll be calling/texting you on one of my breaks today ;)
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24 June 2006 @ 09:00 pm
Dear Cell Phone:

This is really getting old. I wish you would get your act together. I know that you are old and tired, but I only need you to last until Aug. 1st and then I can replace you. Please stop being crazy. I have important things to do, and you need to work for them to work. I've taken very good care of you over the past two years of our relationship, and I think that I deserve a little gratitude on your part for never dropping you (outright)into the camode or otherwise. Please, please, please sort yourself out. I miss you.

No love right now, you psycho piece of crap...


PS- my only comfort is that maybe my next cell phone will be a little kinder to it's hardworking master.
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